Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

Hey everyone, here's my intital post for Romance Writers In The Rough. My name is Nancy Da Silva and I write erotic fiction under the name E. Jamie. I'm currently published with Amira Press. I have two shorts 'To Love A Knight' and 'Forbidden' available as well as my recent release, an erotic novella with Amira Press called 'Redemption'

I'm known as the writer whose muse has no off switch. Seriously. I can look at anything and think up a plot on demand. My mind is always churning with ideas, characters, situations.

I could never do Yoga, trust me, I've tried. That whole 'quiet your mind' and 'let it go blank' thing? Not likely with me. I could look at a remote control and automatically think of a girl sitting on her couch crying as she's watching T.V and then that thread goes bigger and bigger until I figure out who she's crying on the couch while she's channel surfing.

I could look at something as mundane as a pencil and automatically I think of an old school with a few students and this one little girl is there with a slate on her lap and she's some kind of genuis or something cause she calls out the answer before the teacher finishes writing the question on the board and oooh look at that, she's psychic, but by her clothes and the school house I could tell this is turn of the century so this could be a very bad thing.


And let's not even talk about dreams. I've had this male character in my head for weeks which is a rarity for me because I usually start my books with a female character but this man was in my head and wanted his story told...but I had no idea what his story was. So I waited and in that place of sleep before your completely awake, there he was, fully formed and letting me in on his story. His name is Jack Madison and the story will be a contemporary romance. Think Indecent Proposal meets Wuthering Heights. I have a couple of stories still in progress so it'll be a while before I can share Jack's story with you but I jotted the idea down so it'll be there when I'm ready.

That's the most important thing about ideas. You have to capture them in some tangible before because you WILL forget them.

I've never suffered from writer's block. I have what I call the opposite problem. Writer's Overload.

It's a good problem to have.

You can find out more about me and my work at my website www.ejamie.net

Have a great day all!


Melinda Leigh said...

I'm with you, Nancy. Sometimes I can't sleep at night because the voices in my head just won't shut up. :)

AnikaD said...

I'm always shocked by the "Where do you get your ideas?" questions. Am I the only one who can't shut the wretched things off (this is not a complaint, please do not stop me being hit on the head by the idea fairy)?

The other day I was innocently walking home, saw an advert on a bus shelter and by time I'd reached home - 5 minutes up the road - I'd had a story plotted from beginning to end.

Now writing it, that's the hard part!

Anonymous said...

I understand. I go to bed at night and there is this fantastic movie rolling in my head, fully detailed with what my character is about to do, how the heroine is behaving, the screnery...what can I say, epic stuff.

In the morning, the details are sketchy or I can't recall a blasted thing!

Sarah J. McNeal said...

Although mostly prolific, I have had my--I hate to say it--writer's block moments when absolutely nothing would come into my head but the dull drip of the kitchen faucet. So I learned the hard way to have a back up plan. When things are moving freely, I keep a writer's journal. If I see or hear something noteworthy, it goes in there right along with dreams and intriguing thoughts and ideas.
When the big bad WB hits, I go to my journal and start reading. Usually, just reading it breaks up the brain clog and it all flows free again.
Sarah McNeal

NancyD said...

I definitely think keeping some kind of note pad is vital for all writers, for those of us who get deluged with ideas and for those of us who sometimes can barely squeeze out a trickle! (laughs)

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