Monday, April 6, 2009

Goals: Friend or Foe

I'm a planner.

I organize a large craft bazaar every year that brings in three hundred people, live music, over 50 vendors, and workshops. I love it.

I also like to PLAN goals.

Follow through? Not so much. But here I have my very first book deadline looming on the horizon, so I better follow through or my butt's in a sling. I don't think I won't make it, but it shakes my boots, so to speak, to put what I HAVE to do down on paper.

So, this week, I'm writing 3 pages a day. Baby steps. This is a 25K novella after all, which is halfway done. Next week, it's ten pages (yikes). And for someone who took a writing hiatus for two years, this shivers me timbers.

How does it work for you? Do you find that planning an outline of goals keeps you on track or veers you off the path? Just curious.


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