Thursday, November 19, 2009

Notes from the desk of a new author.

Well the first thing I should address is how long can you call yourself "new"? I've been writing for years, but this is the first year I've actually been published. Since the January release of my first title 'The Millionaire's Fake Fiancee' I've had 4 other titles released and contracted 3 more. So for all intents and purposes I'm still new and learning my way around publishing, which leads me to the notes piled around my desk.

For aspiring and new authors like me there are so many questions and not enough answers. Should I go the traditional route? Is e-publishing the way for me? To agent or not to agent? How do authors promote their books? How do you protect yourself from piracy?

To begin with you have to think of writing like any other craft. If you've never picked up a needle and thread making a beautiful intricate quilt might seems like an impossible feat. And if you've never held a brush before would really expect to become the next Picaso? Writing can be viewed much the same way. For an aspiring or new author reading the so called 'rules' and looking at an 80,000 word count goal it can seem overwhelming. But when you break things down it doesn't feel so formidable.

Being new to publishing myself I've spent some time dwelling on the questions

above and other bouncing around in my cluttered mind. So here is what I've learned so far.

1.) Only you can decide which publishing road to take.
2.) I'm still undecided on the agent question.
3.) Rules can be broken if done right.
4.) Promotion is still a wonder to me.

I will say that when I was reasearching publishers and the differences between print and e-publishing (besides the obvious of course)one of the most reoccuring comment I heard was read, a lot. Especially from the publishing houses you intend to submit to. this will help you determine if your voice fits in with their style. Since I'm and avid reader I've figured I'm set there.

So onto the second comment I kept hearing. Write what you know. So my goal has been to find ways to merge what I know with what I love. Hence the creation of my Brazen Sister Series. Coming from a big family I decided to show readers how much fub and annoying growing up with siblings can be. In this case 6 sisters are trying to remodel the family's lodge and cabins and switch their clientel from sportsmen to people looking for a romantic getaway in the woods with no interuptions. They don't expect the men who come along so it adds twists and turns none of them are ready for.

I admit I've broken some of those rules I've read so much about. One of the things I like being about a writer is I get to make all the decsions. Being able to choose how the characters react is important to the flow of the story, but I'm the one directing them. not neccesarily in the way most people might expect or want, but the one thing growing up in big family has taught me was to expect the unexpected.

So with my goal of adding what I know to my writing I now have a new goal.


More next month on that subject.

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