Thursday, April 15, 2010

Where do writers find the time?

I am a writer, but I'm also a mother and a wife. I work part-time at a local community college. So along with writing I cook, clean, run errands, go to work. It's no wonder I'm so tired. So recently when a co-worker asked me where I find the time to write I laughed. Then I explained:

Last year I managed to write 4 novellas averaging about 20k words.

I also wrote 3 full lentgh titles all over 50k words.

Along with writing there was a lot of promotion being done too. I joined a few groups that I think are really helpful. and
Granted I lost a lot of sleep, but it was worth it. And yeah the house may not have been at it's cleanest. As for kids and husband they've all pitched in so I have more time to write. I've my younger sister tell me I spent way too much time on my laptop, but it's not like the stories are going to write themselves.

In just about every room in my house there's a notebook for jotting stuff down. There's one in my car too. Even if I'm not actualy writing I'm plotting in my head. That's kind of a bonus beacsue the next time I sit down it all flows out onto the page.

At some point I'd love to quit my job and write full time, but I'm not there yet. The more I write the more ideas I get. As long as that keeps happening then I'll keep finding ways to write.

That's it for now.

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