Monday, February 16, 2009

After Valentine's Day

Some people forget life does go on. Gifts are wonderful, dinners are great (especially if you have kids), but life does go on. Romance every day is what we have to remember. Telling your significant other, you love them every day. It's great to feel special!

But dinners out cannot happen every day, flowers do die, and you get sick of the candy.

But romance can be found in the little things. Hugs from the kids telling them, they love you mommy. Hubby helping get the kids to bed. Or maybe even if you are not married, your significant other being thoughtful enough and making dinner or ordering it. Just some help so you don't have to cook. Doing their part in cleaning and maybe just holding you when you have to cry.

Being comforted and feeling cherished can even be better than a bouquet of flowers. Or even them surprising you with a gift that doesn't feel obligated. A gift that they want to get you, just because. Those are the best and mean more cause they thought of you and figured you might need a little pick me up. Every day is a gift, and we should cherish it. Oh, you hear that over and over but when it hits you in the face, you realize how precious life can be.

There's no better way to show a loved one that you do love them, then telling them using those three words! Remember love is to be cherished every day!


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