Thursday, February 19, 2009

Coventions and Conferences.

There are lot of questions and not many answers when it comes to going, such as:

How much do thses really help you as an Author?
Is it worth all the expense?
What kind of promotion oppurtunities will there be?
And for a newbie (yes that would be me) who doesn't know many other authors will it feel awkward?

Questions pushed back into the folder in my mind labeled "You'll never know unless you do it" I've made the decision to go to the RT Convention this year in Orlando. It will be my first, in many ways. I've never flown, which I have to do to get there. I've never been to Florida, even though I did live in Georgia for a while. And it will be the first time my daughter and I have gone on vacation alone.

Anybody else going?

As for RWA the national conference is in DC this year, which is doable distance wise I could drive without to much hassle. Then there's the cost of the conference itself and the hotel. I was thinking maybe I'd do the NECRWA chapters conference at the end of March in Framingham MA. It closer, cheaper, and I have family in the area. I'd love to meet some of the Romance Divas that are going to in attendence. It'll give me a taste of what to expect so I think it would be a good experience.

I haven't joined RWA yet. Two things are holding me back from doing it.

One: The local chapter is MaineRWA and they meet a good four to six hours away from where I live. I know there are online chapters, but if I already belong to some really great online groups so I'd want something where I met people face to face.
Two: I have a feeling it's geared more towards writers and I really think to promote more I should interact with readers.

Maybe after attending I'll be able to decide whether or not RWA is for me? Maybe I'll be so overwhelmed I'll just come back and hide in the wilds of Extreme Northern Maine.


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