Monday, January 19, 2009

Feeling Sluggish

Ever have one of those days that you just cannot get moving? That's me today. I finished an amazing book called NoAngel by Penny Vincenzi. Yet after reading it, I wasn't inspired to write. I wanted to read more about this family. Pick up the next book in the series and let my writing go another day.

Usually I have the opposite effect, I get inspired to work on my stories. Maybe it's just a Monday thing but then there are times it hits me on other days. I just want to relax and chill out but then in the back of my mind, I remind myself that things could be worse. I could not be inspired to write at all. Looking at my notes for my current story that I'm typing up. I just have to remind myself to keep going no matter what! I'll be happy once I am done. Yet the slug bug still gets me. It's something I think every writer fights.

This new year I hope to see many things and find the best ways to not feel sluggish anymore. Well, maybe not so much. Is there anything you do to get rid of the slug bug? Any thing that you could tell me would be greatly appreciated!


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