Monday, January 5, 2009

Self-Promotion for Romance Authors

For those of you who are e-published, you know that the key to getting your book into reader's "hands" is self-promotion. We, as e-authors, are responsible for the majority of it. Some publishers provide as much as they can offer (bless their hearts), but often times, it simply isn't enough.

And to those new authors who've just signed, they may be baffled as to where to begin. So here are some resources and ideas for self-promotion:

Self-Promotion for Romance Authors

1.) JOIN GROUPS - Places like Yahoo! Groups (Romance Writers in the Rough is a prime example *winks*) Often, romance-geared groups have PROMO days where you can post excerpts of your work and buy links. This is an excellent way to network.

2.) NETWORKING - As I mentioned before, joining a group is a great way to network. I can't count the number of e-friends I've made in the last year alone.

3.) CREATE A WEBSITE - This, perhaps, should be the number one thing you do. There are a number of free website/free webhosting sites, such as Personally, I use Weebly and love it. I mean, it's so easy, a freakin' monkey could do it. Seriously! You'll want to create a page for your work, with excerpts, reviews, and most importantly, BUY LINKS.

4.) JOIN MYSPACE OR FACEBOOK - Many authors/writers have a page one or both (like me) of these sites. Once again, a great place to showcase your work, blog, and network.

5.) CREATE A BLOG - Even if you hate blogging (like me), get one. They're free, and a great promotional tool. I often have guests on my own blog. Check it out at

6.) HOLD CONTESTS - Giving away free promotional items such as buttons, bookmarks, or even free copies of your books will drive traffic toward your website. And if you give away a free copy of one of your books, chances are the winner will come back for more.

7.) JOIN ROMANCE WRITERS OF AMERICA - RWA is a great organization. They have area chapters which you can join (another GREAT way to network and get your name out there, especially if you're published) and get great support from other romance writers. They also have a yearly conference which, while a tad expensive, is an awesome experience. (I went to last year's in San Francisco). Talk about a place to network.

8.) ENTER CONTESTS - A lot of times, judges are editors, agents, and published authors. RWA's Golden Heart and RITA are two prime examples. Even if you don't win, there's always a chance that someone may notice your work. And if you DO win, well, you can call yourself an "award-winning author."

These are just a few of the things I've done since I signed my first contract a one year ago. And I have to say, I've made a (albeit, small) name for myself.

Good luck!

Jenny Gilliam ~ Spicy Romance with a Dash of Humor


Anika Daniels said...

This is a good group if you are looking for yahoo groups to promo
Promotion Loop Schedule

Minnette Meador said...

Excellent article, Jenny! For any authors out there that are not certain what groups to join or where to start, if you go to my website ( and hit the "Links" link (teehee) it will take you to a list of groups, blogs, and associations I belong to or have contributed to. This might give you a good start. There are lots of others out there...M:)

Rita Sawyer said...

Question from a beginner. How soon should you start promoting and how much? Especially if it's a first book?

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